Friday, October 22, 2010


Media MVP 2 Theme & Plugins

What's New!

Added new graphic to the main menu
Fix other glitches

Fixed the main menu and made it more graphical show above
Fixed Cam title

Changed theme & plugins names
Fixed main menu
Added new graphics to the main menu shown above
Added ID Tag for each graphic used on the main menu
Pictures now has List View
Removed and added some more graphics
Tweaked the theme and plugins
Using the buttons from your remote you would start from the center

Left [<] (OK) [>] Right

New! Plugin My Pictures List View

Download Build 2010

Se7en Media Center Edition Theme Build 900

What's New!

Added fresh new look as shown above on main menu to mimic Se7en MCE
Added Clear-Mist II Embedded features for users to change features
Added NO POSTER / NO COVER to Movie, Music, Radio and Pictures
Fixed Movie Library Poster Size
Added Clear-Mist II to folder.jpg artwork to give it that add shine look!
Added Titling Based on Plug-In being used

1. Movie Library
2. Movie Wall Library (under Movie Library by pressing yellow button)
3. Music Library
4. Radio
5. Web Browser (access link on the main menu and blue button)
6. Weather
7. Traffic Cam (green button access off the main menu)
8. MyShot (yellow button access off the main menu)
9. Folders (movie, music, pictures)
10. Settings
11. About
12. Help

Added New Images for Pictures Library
Added New Images for Movie Library
Added New Images for Move Wall Library
Added New Images for Music Library
Added New Images for Radio
Change Clock on Web Browser
Added/Changed New Images for Music ID CD Tag Popup (press ok)
Added 12 Popular Internet Web Sites Provided (you may add your own)
Fixed all 12 links work and will exit out correctly without crashing the MVP
Added original Video Library that uses Thumbnails (called Movie Wall Library)
Added Yellow Button on Movie Library to call-up Movie Wall
Added Record Button (Calls up configuration aka settings)
Added Blue Button To Cycle Through Movie, Music, Radio, Picture
Added Blue Button To Cycle Through Web Browser, Traffic Cam
Changed Blue Button on Main to call up Web Browser
Added the Go Button on Main to call-up Clock (full screen)
Fixed Remove and Add Folders issues
Added Blue Button to to all Add & Remove Folders to Return Prior Library
Fixed Back/Exit in Add & Remove Folders
Fixed other stuff that are not mentioned on going
Fixed OSD and now included PAL and NTSC
Note: Link will change above but the file will be the same unless noted. Here. As I make more improvements to come. Still what been released so far is the most current version there is!

Also run in the users folder the script file needs to flush out the junk from prior themes and also in the image folder too if you had used my themes in the past. That will clean up that folder too. The goal is to make the MVP load and run smoothly.

Download Build 900

Youtube Demo Video on Build 900

Se7en Media Center Edition Theme Build 815

Introducing Black Sev7en Media Center Edition Theme.

I was inspired to create this theme after the current release of Windows 7.
The selector method would be the very first item on top of the list in this example above Movie Library would be selected. Under Picture Library you can go to either direction shown with the selection choice you have.

This has all the latest patch fixes and now the Web browser can be use
to view real HTML pages instead of using JPEG image screen dumps. To
exit out of the Web Browser you need to press 2x Back/Exit.

Download Build 815

Youtube Demo Video on Build 815

What's New!
Build 8.15 - Released 10/15/09
Fixed Music Library
Changed Main Menu Navigation to Mimic Se7en Media Center Edition
Disabled Animated Orb3 Feature to speed up theme
Fixed Web Browser (Internet) so you can browse by HTML instead of JPEG

Build 8.00 - Major Released 03/18/09
Media Changer Feature Ready
Change the Main Menu Features for Media Changer
Theme uses 80% less HDD Space
Theme uses sharper image detail
Added 15 new modes
Replaced Weather with Weather Cast Viewer
Intellicast Mapping is now support
Pearl Crescent Page Saver Option is now supported under Internet using Firefox
Added Weather Cast (red)
Added 4x Weather Cast Viewer
Added 4x different weather cast displays
Added (red) to next and (green) previous screens
Added Cam (green)
Added 4x Cam Viewer
Added 4x different Cam displays
Added My Shots (yellow)
Added 4x My Shots Viewer
Added My Logos
Fixed Selector
Changed Movie Library folder.jpg size
Fixed Fonts so they're bigger and brighter
Fixed missing images in Picture Library
Fixed missing images in Radio
Changed/Released graphics on all Popup Menus
Fixed various glitches in theme

Media MVP Customizer Build 205

A web application tool to customize the MediaMVP into, All prior skin themes, Hauppauge! SageTV, BeyondTV, Media Portal, CTPVR, GBPVR, XLOBBY and Got All Media. Added customized features are 21 high quality backgrounds, animated images,9 menu drops, main menu objects features that can be enabled or disabled and most important patches for Build 800 which is the only theme supported.

What's New!
Fixed Active Media MVP

Download Build 205

MediaMVP SevenMCE Build 800

What's New!
New! Support for Media MVP Customizer
New! My Logo!
New! My Shot! + 4 viewer mods + animation supported
New! Cam! + 4 viewers mods + animation supported
New! Animated Weather Cast! + 4 viewer mods
New! Animated Orb3
New! Full Clock, Full Day of the Week, Month and Year
New! Sharper and Bolder Font!
New! Sharper Images!
New! Improved Coding and more..

Download Build 800

MediaMVP VMCE/SevenMCE Build 600

New! My Shot!
New! Cam!
New! Weather Cast!

Download Build 600
Download Build 600 Media On Switch
Download Build 600 Media Off Switch

New 4 mods can advance forward and backward
Weather Cast - Animated Weather Radar Loop Map on the Main Menu
Now has mode to display up to 4 images using the (red button)
My Logo display favorite pvr themes or your company logo
My Shot your favorite pet, family member an etc on Main Menu
Now has mod to display up to 4 images using the (yellow button)
My Cam can use as a traffic cam an etc..
Now has a mode to display up to 4 images using the (blue button)
Web Browser Plug-in Mods offer full day, year month
Settings will not go to configuration
Vista MCE 2008 Look 'n Feel
New! Full Date, Month, Date, Year was added to the Clock Mode
New! Viewing Internet Browser and Weather have transverse Full Clock
New! Full Size Poster, Album Artwork Folder.JPG with Program Thumbnails
New! 18 picture thumbnails
New! 18 Movie Library Thumbnails (option only in thumbnail mode)
New! 10 Movie, Music, and Radio Listings with Folder.JPEG Thumbnails
New! 10 Listings Links for all plug-ins
New! Volume control available on all plug-ins
New! Real-time Animated Clock on all skin mod plug-ins
New! Alarm / Clock, Internet Weather, and Internet Browsing plug-ins
New! Help and About skin mode plug-in
New! Real-time Onscreen Display shows Real-time Animated Clock
New! Full margins allow more data to be displayed
New! Usage of Navigation Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Buttons
New! Navigation preview on media menu items

Newest Feature! *Quick Jump to
On the Main menu you have Video, Music, Radio, Internet, Weather
If you press the left arrow the secondary menu system will appear
with Setup.

Supported MediaMVP Software


Anonymous said...

Just looking at this site post you posted.

While flv stinks for quality, i see that utbe for a while now on many video can be downloaded in mp4 container. Haven't played with my mvp for years. Never liked the fact i had to reset both sides just for it to come up. No use when mvp a distance from the computer (wired mvp). I see this still is an issue, i think its time to buy a media player that is not hauppauge with these horrendous faults it has.

Any way does the mvp play now .mp4 videos. If so maybe you could get utube to play direct into your skins.

&fmt=18 for standard high quality
&fmt=22 for widescreen HD


Many are mp4 some are WS-HD, a few are just flv.

Another thing about your skins i have no idea what you are talking about is this.
Media Changer 2009 Web Tool for Media MVP SevenMCE Build 800

Are you meaning some version of microsoft MCE ?
I haven't a clue never used MCE or want to. MAybe you mean something else.

tipstir said...

Media Changer 2009 is a Web tool use to change the theme of SevenMCE Theme for MediaMVP to whatever you want. It includes backgrounds, animation and logos. There is also objects that can be changes. Very easy to do.

Current MediaMVP only plays back SD Video not HD. AVI's are supported as well as MPG2.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your creativity and sharing. My MS Windows Media Center 2005 media center computer went down so I dug out my MediaMVP but can't find the software disk for it. Oh, well, the H site is not too helpful but I'll be interested in trying out the downloads you've made available tomorrow. Have stayed away from Vista but may have to throw in the towel. Heard anything about the software associated with Antec's multimedia elite line? jhc at penguin yes mail dit com

tipstir said...

Well you don't need the MediaMVP CD all you need to do is download the latest update software for it from hauppauge site.

Anonymous said...

Will the MVP access files from more than one PC on the network?

tipstir said...

Yes, just need to change the two services for MVP to Logon As the user who have Admin Rights then give it a password.

Damon said...

Tipstir, Your work is really sweet. I am very impressed. I am considering buying a MediaMVP but have one major concern. Will it play .ASF files? I am using At-Large Recorder to save Slingbox streams. It saves as .ASF files. If MediaMVP will play those back I am all on board with getting a MediaMVP. Your skins rock in their ability to access Web Content. Thanks!!!!

Damon said...

Tipstir, I decided to run an additional server-side process to convert the ASFs to MPGs. The quality is good. Looking forward to your new release. I am bit stuck on the web content though in Version 7.

Anonymous said...


I like the new MVP 2 theme. When pressing the menu button if an individual video file is highlighted, an option menu opens with "play all / sort by name / sort by date / shuffle" would it be possible to put a delete file option on this menu?

Anonymous said...

How the hell do you pronounce, "Se7en"?

hauppauge mediampv said...

I like this site